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Collocations with Verbs - C & D

Call for + Noun: End, Halt, Moratorium | Abolition, Elimination, Lifting, Removal, Repeal, Scrapping | Ban, Banning, Boycott, Ceasefire, Withdrawal, Debate, Inquiry, Investigation | Change, Overhaul, Reform, Resignation, Rethink, Review, Shake-Up | Referendum, Vote | Decriminalization, Legalisation | Creation, Establishment, Setting Up | Calm, Cooperation, Solidarity, Unity Call off + Noun: Game, Match, Meeting, Trip, Wedding | Attack, Campaign | Boycott, Demonstration, March, Protest, Strike Capture + Noun: Atmosphere, Essence, Feel, Feeling, Flavour, Mood, Nuance | Beauty, Energy, Excitement, Magic

Adverb + Capture: Accurately, Faithfully, Precisely | Neatly, Nicely, Succinctly, Well | Beautifully, Brilliantly, Expertly, Perfectly, Vividly | Effectively, Successfully, Truly

Carry out + Noun: Experiment, Inquiry, Opinion Poll, Poll, Research, Study, Survey, Test | Assessment, Inspection, Check, Investigation, Review Cater for + Noun: Beginners, Children, Everyone, Groups, Parties, Pupils, Tourists, Travellers, Visitors | Demand, Demands, Needs, Requirements, Tastes | Level, Range, Type, Variety

Cease + Noun: Bombardment, Fighting, Firing, Gunfire, Hostilities, Operations | Activities, Activity | Operations, Production, Trading

Claim + Noun: Compensation, Damages, Discount, Exemption, Expenses, Rebate, Refund, Reimbursement, Relief | Credit, Victory

Combat+ Noun: Climate Change, Crime, Discrimination, Disease, Fraud, Global Warming, Inflation, Poverty, Problem, Racism, Terrorism, Threat, Unemployment, Violence

Cling to + Noun: Belief, Hope, Idea, Notion | Life, Past, Power

Adverb + Cling to: Desperately, Doggedly, Still, Stubbornly, Tenaciously

Commission+ Noun: Evaluation, Paper, Poll, Project, Report, Research, Review, Study, Survey | Artwork, Opera, Painting, Photograph, Piece, Play, Portrait, Sculpture, Work | Architect, Artist, Choreographer, Composer, Designer, Sculptor

Commit + Noun: Adultery, Arson, Assault, Burglary, Crime, Felony, Fraud, Genocide, Homicide, Murder, Offence, Perjury, Robbery, Theft, Treason, Violence | Sacrilege, Sin | Act, Deed | Blunder, Error, Mistake

Comply with + Noun: Conditions, Guidelines, Law, Legislation, Protocol, Regulations, Rules | Demands, Directive, Instructions, Obligation, Order, Request, Requirement | Specifications, Standard | Policy, Principle; Verb + to + Comply: Fail, Refuse

Adverb + Comply: Happily, Readily, Voluntarily, Willingly | Reluctantly | Immediately, Promptly | Duly, Fully, Properly, Satisfactorily

Conceal + Noun: Contempt, Delight, Disappointment, Emotion, Feeling | Evidence, Fact, Identity, Secret, Truth

Verb + to + Concede: Be Forced, Be Reluctant, Be Unwilling, Refuse; Concede defeat

Noun + Conclude with: Article, Chapter, Paper, Report, Review, Study, Discussion, Section, Speech, Talk

Conclude with+ Noun: Chapter, Discussion, Examination, Observation, Overview, Recommendation, Reflection, Remark, Suggestion, Summary, Words; Conclude + Noun: Deal, Pact, Transaction, Treaty

Conduct + Noun: Experiment, Fieldwork, Inquiry, Interview, Investigation, Poll, Research, Review, Study, Survey, Test | Affairs, Business, Campaign, Negotiations, Operation

Confer + Noun: Authority, Jurisdiction, Legitimacy, Power, Status | Privilege, Right | Award, Degree, Honour, Knighthood

Confess to + Noun: Charge, Crime, Killing, Murder | Affair, Feeling, Ignorance; Confess + Noun: Crime, Guilt, Murder | Feeling, Ignorance, Love, Secret

Constitute + Noun: Acceptance, Agreement, Contract, Endorsement, Breach, Discrimination, Infringement, Nuisance, Offence, Violation, Offer, Danger, Hazard, Risk, Threat Contemplate + Noun: Action, Dismissal, Divorce, Marriage, Move, Possibility, Purchase, Retirement, Suicide | Career, Fate, Future, Meaning, Prospect

Contrast + Adverbs+ with: Dramatically, Greatly, Markedly, Sharply, Starkly, Strikingly, Strongly, Vividly | Beautifully, Interestingly, Nicely, Perfectly, Wonderfully | Favourably, Unfavourably

Contribute + Adverb + to: Actively, Considerably, Effectively, Enormously, Fully, Greatly, Massively, Materially, Meaningfully, Positively, Significantly, Substantially | Directly, Indirectly | Equally, Financially, Generously

Court + Noun: Attention, Controversy, Popularity, Publicity | Danger, Disaster

Adverb + Credit with: Generally, Largely, Often, Sometimes, Usually, Widely | Correctly, Duly, Justly, Rightly | Incorrectly, Mistakenly, Wrongly

Cultivate + Noun: Acquaintance, Friendship, Relationship | Habit, Talent, Virtue | Attitude, Awareness, Taste | Image

Adverb + Cultivate: Assiduously, Carefully, Consciously, Deliberately, Diligently, Sedulously | Successfully

Curb + Noun: Abuse, Corruption, Crime, Emissions, Global Warming, Inflation, Terrorism | Freedom, Power, Right | Excess, Growth, Proliferation, Rise, Spread | Appetite, Craving, Enthusiasm, Instinct

Curtail + Noun: Ability, Activity, Career, Debate, Freedom, Liberty, Power, Production, Right, Use | Growth, Proliferation, Spread

Cut back (on) + Noun: Borrowing, Budget, Emissions, Funding, Production, Spending, Workload

Cut down (on) + Noun: Consumption, Drinking, Intake, Production, Smoking, Time | Drinking, Smoking, Spending | Bureaucracy, Congestion, Costs, Waste | Amount, Degree, Number

Cut off + Noun: Aid, Benefits, Financing, Funding, Subsidies, Support, Welfare | Electricity, Gas, Power, Water | Flow, Supply | Access, Road, Route | Communication, Contact, Negotiations, Relations, Ties

[Note: Though same in meaning, ‘cut back’ is normally used for reducing what is in excess of normal, whereas ‘cut down’ is used for reducing what is already normal.]

Damage + Noun: Business, Competitiveness, Confidence, Credibility, Health, Image, Livelihood, Morale, Prospects, Relationship, Reputation | Ecosystem, Environment

Decline + Adverb: Considerably, Dramatically, Drastically, Markedly, Rapidly, Sharply, Significantly, Steeply, Substantially | Gradually, Slightly, Slowly, Steadily

Decline in + Noun: Importance, Numbers, Popularity

Noun + Decline: Health, Industry, Number, Population, Rate, Sales, Standards, Trade

Decline + Noun: Invitation, Offer, Request, to Answer, to Comment, to Say

Defer + Noun: Approval, Decision, Implementation, Matter, Payment, Sentencing | Admission, Application, Entry | Consideration, Discussion

Delegate + Noun: Authority, Control, Decision-Making, Management, Power, Responsibility | Duty, Job, Task, Work | Function, Role | Decision, Matter

Demand + Noun: Compensation, Money, Payment, Ransom, Refund, Repayment | Answer, Apology, Explanation | Abolition, Action, Change, Inquiry, Justice, Reform, Repeal, Resignation, Withdrawal | Attention, Commitment, Courage, Obedience, Respect, Sacrifice, Skill

Dent + Noun: Confidence, Ego, Morale, Pride | Hopes | Reputation

Deploy + Noun: Device, Equipment, Resources, Solutions, Strategy, System, Tactics, Technique | Argument, Rhetoric | Missiles, Personnel, Soldiers, Troops, Warheads, Weapons

Derive + Adverb: Chiefly, Largely, Mainly, Mostly, Partly, Primarily, Principally, Solely | Income, Profit, Revenue

Derive + Noun: Conclusion, Data, Estimate, Evidence, Facts, Figures, Knowledge, Results

Deserve + Noun: Acclaim, Accolade, Award, Congratulations, Credit, Honour, Mention, a Pat on the back, Plaudits, Praise, Recognition, Thanks | Better | Applause, Ovation | Victory, Win | Support | Attention | Consideration, Respect | Victory, Win

Noun + Deteriorate: Condition, Eyesight, Health, Hearing, Performance, Quality, Relationship, Sight, Situation, Weather

Devise + Noun: Means, Mechanism, Method, Plan, Plan, Policy, Programme, Scheme, Solution, Strategy, System, Technique, Way

Noun + Dictate: Circumstances, Common Sense, Conditions, Custom, Fashion, Logic, the Market, Reason, Tradition

Diminish + Noun: Importance, Power, Role, Significance, Value | Effect, Impact, Influence | Ability, Credibility,

Effectiveness, Usefulness | Appetite, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm | Chances, Likelihood, Risk; Noun + Diminish: Importance, Number, Size, Stature, Value

Dismiss + Adverb: Immediately, Quickly, Summarily, Out of hand, Casually, Easily, Lightly, Simply, Arrogantly, Contemptuously

Dismiss + Noun: Accusation, Allegation, Claim, Complaint, Concern, Criticism, Report, Rumour, Speculation, Suggestion

Adverb + Disregard: Absolute, Complete, Total, Utter, Wholesale | Arrogant, Blatant, Callous, Cynical, Flagrant, Reckless, Wanton | Apparent

Distort + Noun: Evidence, Facts, Findings, Reality, Results, Truthmeaning, Perception, Understanding, View

Adverb + Distort: Grossly, Seriously, Severely, Significantly | Completely, Totally | Deliberately, Systematically, Wilfully | Slightly

Divert + Noun: Cash, Funding, Funds, Investment, Money, Resources, Revenue, Wealth | Effort, Energy | Attention, Focus, Mind, Thoughts; Divert from + Noun: Duty, Mission, Purpose, Task

Draw on + Noun: Advice, Approach, Data, Evidence, Example, Information, Insight, Material, Method, Principle, Reserves, Resources, Support, Theory | Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Memory, Skill, Strengths, Understanding, Wisdom | Findings, Research, Study, Survey, Work

Dress + Adverb: Beautifully, Elegantly, Immaculately, Impeccably, Neatly, Nicely, Smartly, Well | Badly, Shabbily | Accordingly, Appropriately, Properly, Suitably | Inappropriately, Provocatively | Casually, Formally | Conservatively, Decently, Modestly, Respectably | Plainly, Soberly | Fashionably

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