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An Introduction to Vocabulary

What determines anyone’s vocabulary is one's existing repertoire of words (also known as 'lexicon') and one's ability to use the right word with ease – almost instinctively – to convey exactly what one means to say. Therefore, knowledge of dictionary meanings alone doesn’t help. Moreover, rote memorisation of meanings is the most inefficient way of learning correct usage. A combination of Collocation, Thesaurus, and sentence examples helps immensely in this regard.

Further themes such as travel, construction, entertainment, film, a picnic, a visit to the zoo, shopping, civic issues, sustainable development, renewable energy, a particular sports, performing arts, ethnic violence, gender equality, human rights, health & wellness, apparels, food recipes, animal cruelty & care, car/book reviews, job-specific skills, characterisation of a person etc – all of these are best described by a set of select words related to their respective themes and subjects.

Word power is thus a highly desirable skill for prolific writing and articulate expression with ease and aplomb, which is not always possible even if one has domain knowledge (i.e. expertise in a particular area/field). What is unique about this repository is that one can access it as a single source for an extensive, exhaustive and comprehensive bank of words and word usage.

The vocabulary section comprises of several modules, and useful links within each module. One of them is Thesaurus. Thesaurus articles (A to Z ) are free which do not require any paid subscription. A thesaurus helps us not only to find synonyms and antonyms, but is also a rapid vocabulary builder because of the scope for learning words as a semantic family. Collocations further enhance the power of words. Collocations have been listed separately for Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs. The reader is required to engage with the word by referring to dictionary meaning, synonyms, antonyms, as well as other words with which it collocates. The nuance of a word can make its usage more or less appropriate in a particular context compared to other synonymous words.

Reades may opt for free subscription for a limited period to get a bird's eye view of all articles before deciding to subscribe. Alternately select any praticular module from Plans and Pricing. In order access all 14 modules of vocabulary reader may choose All about Vocabulary for ease of access and navigation of all sections.

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