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Collocations with Nouns - B & C (Part 1)

Adj. + Basis : Annual, Daily, Day-to-day, Fortnightly, Hourly, Month-by-month, Monthly, Quarterly, Regular, Weekly, Yearly, Freelance, One-to-one, Part-time, Permanent, Pro-Rata, Temporary, Voluntary, Ad-hoc, As-needed, Case-by-case, Drop-in, First-come-first-served, Individual basis collocations | Sentence collocations by Cambridge Dictionary basis | collocation examples, Usage and Definition | collocation dictionary ( Adj. + Battle: Bloody, Ferocious, Fierce, Hard-Fought, Pitched, Climactic, Decisive, Famous, Final battle | collocation examples, Usage and Definition | collocation dictionary (

Adj. + Beauty: Breath-Taking, Exquisite, Great, Incredible, Outstanding, Sheer, Stunning, Unsurpassed, Natural, Rugged, Scenic, Tranquil, Unspoiled/Unspoilt, Wild, Aesthetic, Ethereal, Feminine, Fragile, Majestic, Serene, Stark, Timeless

Adj. + Beginning: Humble, (In)Auspicious, Lowly, Modest, Shaky, Simple, Small, Tentative, (Un)Promising

Adj. + Behaviour: Abusive, Aggressive, Anti-Social/Antisocial, Challenging, Criminal, Deviant, Disorderly, Disruptive, Inappropriate, Threatening, Unacceptable, Unreasonable, Unsporting, Violent, Consumer, Feeding, Human, Voting

Adj. + Belief: Buddhist, Humanist, Non-Religious, Pacifist, Pagan, Political, Religious, Spiritual, Cherished, Deeply-Held, Firm, Long-Held, Passionate, Strong, Strongly-Held, Unquestioning, Unshakeable, Erroneous, False, Irrational, Misguided, Mistaken, Superstitious, Popular, Widely-Held, Widespread

Adj. + Benefit: Enormous, Great, Lasting, Long-Term, Measurable, Obvious, Real, Significant, Substantial, Tangible, Added, Additional, Mutual, Economic, Environmental, Social, Therapeutic

Adj. + Blend: Curious, Eclectic, Exciting, Exotic, Fascinating, Interesting, Intriguing, Special, Unique, Balanced, Delicious, Delightful, Fine, Perfect, Rich, Right, Wonderful, Harmonious, Seamless, Subtle, Heady, Potent

Adj. + Blunder: Big, Catastrophic, Fatal, Major, Monumental, Serious, Terrible, Strategic, Tactical, Administrative, Cultural, Medical, Policy

Adj. + Body: Governing, Professional, Regulatory, Ruling, Statutory, Awarding, Funding, Advisory, Consultative, Government, Public, Corporate, Independent, International, National, Voluntary

Adj. + Boost: Big, Great, Huge, Major, Massive, Real, Significant, Tremendous, Much-Needed, Timely, Welcome, Added, Extra, Further

Adj. + Breach: Clear, Flagrant, Grave, Serious, Alleged, Possible, Potential, Suspected, Minor

Adj. + Breakthrough: Big, Crucial, Great, Historic, Important, Major, Real, Significant, Medical, Scientific, Technical, Technological

Adj. + Burden: Considerable, Enormous, Heavy, Huge, Onerous, Crippling, Excessive, Intolerable, Unbearable, Unsustainable, Disproportionate, Undue, Unfair, Unnecessary, Unreasonable, Added, Additional, Extra

Adj. + Burst: Brief, Quick, Rapid, Short, Spontaneous, Sudden, Concentrated, Explosive, Intense, Loud, Sharp, Intermittent, Occasional, Periodic, Sporadic, Initial, Opening, Sustained

Adj. + Buyer: Potential, Prospective, Would-Be, Genuine, Interested, Serious, Willing, First-Time, Cash, Private, Retail, Trade

Adj. + Campaign: Aggressive, Concerted, Hard-Hitting, High-Profile, Intensive, Major, Mass, Massive, Relentless, Vigorous, Effective, Successful, Long-Running, Ongoing, Sustained

Adj. + Career: Brilliant, Distinguished, Glittering, Illustrious, Meteoric, Remarkable, Successful, Promising, Chequered, Flagging, Eventful, Fulfilling, Rewarding, Satisfying, Varied, High-Flying, Lucrative, Acting, Broadcasting, Footballing, Journalistic, Managerial, Military, Musical, Nursing, Political, Recording, Singing, Teaching

Adj. + Casualty: Civilian, Military, Few, Heavy, Light, Many, Mass, Slight, Fatal, Minor, Non-Fatal, Serious

Adj. + Catastrophe: Appalling, Great, Major, Terrible, Imminent, Impending, Looming

Adj. + Challenge: Big, Daunting, Difficult, Formidable, Great, Huge, Major, Real, Serious, Significant, Tough, Fundamental, Key, Main, Fresh, New, Environmental, Intellectual, Logistical, Physical, Technical

Adj. + Change: Slight, Small, Minor, Major, Great, Significant, Noticeable, Abrupt, Fundamental, Dramatic, Profound, Gradual, Drastic, Sudden

Adj. + Characteristic: Defining, Distinctive, Distinguishing, Individual, Specific, Unique, Basic, Essential, Fundamental, Key, Main, Salient, Typical, Biological, Cultural, General, Personal, Physical, Physiological, Racial

Adj. + Charm: Old-World, Original, Rural, Rustic, Traditional, Unique

Adj. + Circumstance: Exceptional, Extenuating, Extreme, Mitigating, Special, Unusual, Unforeseeable, Unforeseen

Adj. + Climb: Arduous, Awkward, Long, Steep, Stiff, Strenuous, Tough, Vertical, Easy, Gentle, Gradual, Short, Steady

Adj. + Coincidence: Complete, Mere, Pure, Sheer, Amazing, Bizarre, Curious, Extraordinary, Odd, Remarkable, Spooky, Strange, Uncanny, Fortunate, Happy, Lucky, Unfortunate

Adj. + Collaboration: Active, Close, Effective, Fruitful, Productive, Successful, Interdisciplinary, International, Artistic, Creative, Scientific

Adj. + Collection: Extensive, Growing, Huge, Large, Small, Vast, Fascinating, Fine, Important, Impressive, Magnificent, Outstanding, Remarkable, Rich, Stunning, Superb, Unique, Wonderful, Complete, Comprehensive, Diverse, Eclectic, Motley, Varied, Permanent, Private, Special

Adj. + Collision: Fatal, Serious, Head-On, High-Speed, Mid-Air

Adj. + Combination: The Best, Ideal, Optimum, Perfect, The Right, Unbeatable, Winning, Rare, Strange, Unique, Unusual, Good, Interesting, Potent, Powerful, Wonderful, Dangerous, Deadly, Lethal

Adj. + Comeback: Big, Great, Impressive, Magnificent, Spirited, Strong, Successful, Triumphant, Amazing, Astonishing, Dramatic, Remarkable, Stunning, Surprise, Unlikely, Late, Long-Awaited

Adj. + Commitment: Continuing, Lifelong, Long-Standing, Long-Term, Ongoing, Sustained, Absolute, Deep, Passionate, Real, Serious, Strong, Total, Unequivocal, Unswerving, Wholehearted, Emotional, Ideological, Moral, Political

Adj. + Concern: Considerable, Deep, Grave, Great, Serious, Paramount, Particular, Special, Genuine, Real, Legitimate

Adj. + Conclusion: Correct, Foregone, Logical, Obvious, Right, Valid, Erroneous, False, Hasty, Incorrect, Wrong

Adj. + Conduct: Disgraceful, Immoral, Improper, Unacceptable, Unethical, Unprofessional, Unreasonable, Unsporting, Unsportsmanlike, Violent, Criminal, Disorderly, Negligent, Unlawful, Wrongful, Gentlemanly, Good, Proper, Ethical, Moral, Professional

Adj. + Confidence: Added, Enough, Fragile, Great, Increased, Little, New-Found, Quiet, Renewed, Sufficient, Supreme, Unshakeable

Adj. + Constraint: Severe, Tight, Key, Main, Major, Significant, Budgetary, Economic, Financial, Environmental, Legal, Operational, Physical, Practical

Adj. + Contradiction: Inherent, Inner, Internal, Irreconcilable, Basic, Blatant, Complete, Direct, Fundamental Glaring, Obvious, Outright, Apparent, Seeming

Adj. + Contrast: Complete, Direct, Dramatic, Great, Marked, Sharp, Stark, Startling, Striking, Strong, Total, Interesting, Pleasing

Adj. + Contributor: Active, Frequent, Prolific, Regular

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