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Collocations with Adj.- B & C

Balanced + Noun: Approach, Judgement, Perspective, View | Coverage, Reporting | Diet, Meal, Nutrition | Blend, Mix, Representation Basic + Noun: Grounding, Knowledge, Skill, Technique, Understanding | Assumption, Belief, Concept, Criteria, Idea, Premise, Principle, Rule, Tenet | Description, Explanation, Guide, Guidelines, Introduction, Outline, Overview | Characteristic, Component, Element, Factor, Ingredient, Part Bewildering + Noun: Array, Assortment, Choice, Diversity, Mix, Range, Variety Bitter + Noun: Disappointment, Battle, Conflict, Controversy, Dispute, Feud, Fighting, Hatred, Quarrel, Recriminations, Rivalry, Row | Enemy, Rival

Blanket + Noun: Ban, Prohibition, Refusal, Restriction | Condemnation, Denial | Amnesty, Exclusion, Exemption, Immunity, Protection | Approval, Permission | Approach, Policy | Coverage, Statement

Bleak + Noun: Ending, Future, Outlook, Picture, Prognosis, Prospect, Reality, Situation | Landscape, Moorland, Mountain, Place, Spot, Surroundings, Wasteland

Blind + Noun: Acceptance, Adherence, Faith, Obedience, Trust | Fury, Hatred, Love, Loyalty, Optimism, Panic, Prejudice, Rage

Born + Noun: Communicator, Entertainer, Leader, Performer, Storyteller, Winner, Worrier

Breathtaking + Noun: Backdrop, Beauty, Coastline, Countryside, Display, Landscape, Panorama, Scenery, Sight, Spectacle, Sunset, Surroundings, View, Vista

Bribery + Noun: Allegation, Case, Charge, Offence, Scandal

Brief + Noun: Interlude, Moment, Pause, Period, Respite, Spell, Stint | Account, Biography, Description, Discussion, Encounter, Explanation, Guide, History, Introduction, Mention, Note, Outline, Overview, Résumé, Sketch, Statement, Summary, Synopsis

Busy And Noun/Adj.: Demanding, Hectic, Stressful, Tired | Active, Exciting, Productive, Varied

Calm And Other Adj.: Peaceful, Quiet, Relaxing, Tranquil | Confident, Contented, Cool, Gentle, Measured, Rational, Serene, Unruffled

Capable And Other Adj.: Committed, Competent, Enthusiastic, Experienced | Intelligent, Motivated, Reliable, Willing

Candid + Noun: Conversation, Discussion, Interview | Admission, Confession, Account, Autobiography, Memoir, Reminiscences

Casual + Noun: Attire, Clothes, Clothing, Dress, Wear | Atmosphere, Attitude, Conversation, Glance, Remark | Observer, Onlooker, Passer-By, Labour, Labourer, Worker | Employment, Work | Gamer, Listener, Reader, User, Viewer, Visitor | Acquaintance, Encounter, Relationship

Cautious + Noun: Approach, Assumption, Attitude, Interpretation, Optimism, Stance, View, Welcome

Challenging + Noun: Experience, Problem, Project, Question, Role, Target, Task

Close + Noun: Proximity, Quarters, Range | Examination, Inspection, Look, Reading, Scrutiny | Attention, Eye, Supervision, Watch | Approximation, Match, Parallel, Resemblance | Association, Cooperation, Friendship, Liaison, Link, Partnership, Relationship | Associate, Friend

Coherent + Noun: Approach, Framework, Plan, Policy, Programme, Strategy, Structure, System, Vision, Manner, Way | Account, Argument, Explanation, Narrative, Picture, Theory, Sentence; Coherent and Other Adj.: Clear, Comprehensive, Consistent, Effective, Logical, Systematic

Common + Noun: Ancestor, Ancestry, Heritage, Goal, Interest, Purpose | Characteristic, Feature, Theme, Thread, Trait | Bond

Commonplace + Noun: Assumption, Feature, Observation, Occurrence, Practice

Compelling + Noun: Account, Argument, Content, Narrative, Novel, Read, Reading, Reason, Story, Storyline, Tale | Drama, Performance, Viewing

Competing + Noun: Hypotheses, Perspectives, Theories, Views | Claims, Demands, Interests, Pressures, Priorities

Comprehensive + Noun: Analysis, Assessment, Coverage, Overview, Review, Survey | Collection, Package, Portfolio, Range, Set | Archive, Bibliography, Database, Directory, Glossary, Index, List, Listing | Guide, Handbook

Conducive + Noun: Atmosphere, Circumstances, Climate, Conditions, Environment, Situation, Surroundings, Weather

Conducive To + Noun: Attainment, Development, Growth, Happiness, Health, Learning, Peace, Welfare

Confident + Noun: Feeling, Mood, Tone, Voice, Manner, Performance, Stride, Swagger | Expression, Smile | Assertion, Prediction | Communicator, Learner, Reader, Rider, Skier, Swimmer

Core + Noun: Curriculum, Module, Subject, Syllabus, Unit, Competence, Competency, Skill, Component, Element, Activity, Business, Function, Belief, Concept, Objective, Principle, Theme, Value core | collocation examples, Usage and Definition | collocation dictionary (

Contentious + Noun: Area, Aspect, Debate, Decision, Issue, Matter, Point, Proposal, Question, Subject, Topic

Contradictory + Noun: Account, Advice, Argument, Attitude, Evidence, Feelings, Findings, Information, Message, Opinion, Position, Result, Statements, View

Contrary + Noun: Argument, Belief, Conclusion, Opinion, View | Evidence, Indication

Contrary To + Noun: Assertion, Assumption, Belief, Claims, Expectations, Impression, Misconception, Myth, Opinion, Perception, Prediction, Rumour, Law, Principle, Spirit | Intention, Interests, Wishes

Conventional + Noun: Medicine, Therapy, Treatment, Approach, Assumption, Means, Method, Morality, Notion, Technique, Thinking | Arms, Warfare, Weapon, Wisdom

Convincing + Noun: Answer, Argument, Case, Evidence, Explanation, Proof, Reason, Story

Cosy + Noun: Accommodation, Bar, Bed, Cottage, Lounge, Pub, Room, Surroundings | Atmosphere, Feel, Chat, Fire

Cosy + Other Adj.: Comfortable, Friendly, Homely, Little, Relaxing, Romantic, Snug, Warm

Creative + Noun: Idea, Solution, Thinking | Flair, Potential, Talent | Activity, Endeavour, Pursuit, Genius, Thinker

Creative and Other Adj.: Dynamic, Exciting, Expressive, Imaginative, Innovative, Inventive, Resourceful, Talented

Cruel + Noun: Blow, Fate, Irony, Twist, Twist of fate

Culpable + Noun: Delay, Failure, Homicide, Ignorance, Neglect, Negligence

Cultural + Noun: Background, Heritage, History, Identity, Tradition | Difference, Diversity, Pluralism | Hegemony, Imperialism, Influence | Change, Renaissance, Revolution | Awareness, Sensitivity | Mores, Norm

Current + Noun: Arrangement, Climate, Level, Position, Practice, Rate, Situation, State, Status, Thinking, Trend

Customer + Noun: Care, Service, Support, Dissatisfaction, Satisfaction | Demands, Expectations, Needs, Requirements | Comments, Complaints, Feedback, Enquiries, Queries, Requests | Interaction, Liaison, Relations, Relationship | Choice, Loyalty

Cynical + Noun: Attempt, Manoeuvre, Move, Ploy, Tactic | Disbelief, Disregard, Exploitation, Manipulation, Opportunism | Comment, Remark, Response | Attitude, View

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