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Review of Phrase Functions & Clause

Function of the phrase highlighted in the sentences below, is one of the following. Identify them accordingly. a) Noun Phrase as Subject, b) Noun Phrase as Object, c) Noun Phase as Subject/Object Complement d) Prepositional Adjective or Adverb Phrase d) Adjective e)Predicate Verb Phrase 1) The child dreamt that he chased an enormous butterfly around the park. 2) Vivek splurged in purchase of expensive car accessories even though his father had forbidden such spending. 3) The clown dancing about the stage entertained the adults and children alike. 4) The author referred to archive of old news cuttings before publishing the article. 5) The party was a disaster because the organisers forgot to arrange for back-up generator. 6) The board is meeting to discuss the selection of players. 7) We heard sound of shriek and wailing in the middle of the night. 8) Arup believed that dreaming about fruitsand birds meant that he was destined to own an orchard. 9) The old lady startled by the fire alarm fell off the stairs. 10) The journo prepared well before interviewing the spokesperson. 11) The hall was full of mesmerised audience listening with rapt attention. 12) The neighbours were arguing in a heated manner. 13) The committee gave our charitable society an award for tree planting. 14) Nothing you tell me will persuade me to go for a bike ride with you. 15) The committee awarded Kohli Man of the Match. 16) When she was in college, Martha earned her boarding expenses as an waitress. 17) The old lady scared by the giant spider spilled tea on the sofa. 18) During the winter aroma of baking and grilling drifts through the neighbourhood. Answer with Explanation:

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