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Phrasal & Prepositional Verbs

Let’s examine the following sentences before delving deeper into Phrasal Verbs with particle, Phrasal Verbs which collocate with Adverb, and Verbs which collocate with Preposition. 1A. Intransitive – root verb inseparable from particle: The plane took off on time. [meaning different from root verb 'take'] 1B. Intransitive – root verb inseparable from particle: He calmed down after assurance. [meaning not different from root verb 'calm'] 2. Transitive separable - root verb separable from particle: Take off your shoes. Take your shoes off.

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1. Introduction to Preposition

5 minute read Prepositions like Conjunctions are connectives. Prepositions connect noun, verb, and adjective to the following noun/noun phrase/gerund. Conjunctions on the other hand connect clauses.


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