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Parallelism with Comparative Adjective and Adverb [Part 3 of 5]

Comparing Predicate Attribute of Noun/Noun phrase A. Comparing Same Attribute of one Noun/Noun phrase with another Water is denser than, (however dense) ice (is). = Water is denser than (the extent/degree to which) ice (is dense). = Water is denser than ice. = Ice is not as dense as water. = Ice is less dense than water. Mangoes are tastier than apples, (which are also tasty). = Mangoes are tastier than (how very tasty) apples (are). = Mangoes are tastier than apples. The Eastern coast is more prone to cyclone than the Western coast. Mountains and valleys are cooler than the plains. = It is cooler in the mountains and valleys than in the plains. {Notice how Predicate Adjectives can be compared with respect to adjective complements} One meter is longer than three feet. Physics is more difficult than biology. She is more like her mother than her brother is. Women are more susceptible to urinary infections than men (are). {Grammatically, ‘men’ without ‘are’ after it can mean ‘women are susceptible to men’} = Men are not as susceptible to urinary infections as are women [= women are]. Japanese are more parsimonious and risk averse than the Americans (are). {Different in meaning from: ‘More Japanese than Americans are parsimonious and risk averse.’} My sister is much better at baking cakes than my mother. {Common Predicate Adjective with Prepositional Complement} = My sister is much better than my mother at baking cakes. Instant noodle is easier to make than pasta. {Common Predicate adjective with Infinitive Complement} The (size of the) rooms are smaller than (the size) we needed. {Comparison of noun phrases by differentiating with modifying clause} Travelling by train is more pleasurable and comfortable than (travelling) by bus. B. Comparing attribute of Noun/Noun phrase with itself with respect to adjective complement of time/location/company

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