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8. Gradable Adjectives, Intensifiers & Strong Adjectives

Intensifiers are used before adjectives as adverb to make them more emphatic. Example: big, somewhat big, pretty big, very big, and incredibly big. These intensifiers are of three kinds which are as follows. High Intensifiers (adverbs) include:- absolutely, completely, entirely, exceptionally, extremely, fully, highly, insanely, incredibly, perfectly, totally, unbelievably, utterly, very much. Medium Intensifier include:- almost, particularly, pretty, quite, rather, really, unusually, very. Low Intensifier includes:- mildly, relatively, somewhat

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Examples of non-gradable adjectives apart from ‘strong’ adjectives are adjectives like: dead, weekly, empty, frozen, tired, and blue. We do not say ‘somewhat dead’, ‘very empty’, ‘unusually impossible

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This article is about use of intensifiers: such,so, that, too, enough, pretty, and also adjectives which are used as iintensifiers. Such/So ‘such’ unlike ‘so’ is not an intensifier (adverb) but

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