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3. Correct Usage of Confusingly Similar Words & Phrases - B & C (Part 1)

Because of /Due to Both ‘due to’ and ‘because of’ are prepositions used in adjectival prepositional phrase and adverbial prepositional phase respectively. · Both give reasons. ‘due to’ gives reason for a subject noun and ‘because of’ gives reason either for a verb or an adjective or an adverb. · ‘due to’ follows ‘be’ verb (is, are, was, were) whereas ‘because’ follows action verbs. · ‘due to’ can be replaced by ‘caused by’ which is a transitive passive verb. · A sentence with ‘because of’ can be converted to a sentence with ‘due to’ by replacing verb with its noun form. It is worth noting that noun in the ‘due to’ sentence cannot be just any noun but only abstract nouns derived from a verb.

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