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8. Clause Elements and Structure – Part 2

There are 10 Clause elements in total. These are 1)Subject (S), 2) Intransitive Verb (Vi), 3)Be Verb (Vbe), 4)Linking Verb (VL), 5)Transitive Verb (Vt), 6)Direct Object (Od), 7)Indirect Object (Oi), 8) Subject Complement (ascriptive/adjective)-(Cs-A) or (equative/noun/nominative)-(Cs-N),9) Object Predicate/ Complement – ascriptive/adjective(Co-a) or nominative (Co-n), 10) Adverbial -Obligatory (Ao) or Prepositional (AP) These elements together can adequately construct Clause of 13 basic types of a particular order as elucidated below:

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