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7. Thesaurus of Select Words - P (Part 1)

Pagan synonyms, pagan antonyms -

Pageant synonyms, pageant antonyms -

Palate synonyms, palate antonyms -

Palliative synonyms, palliative antonyms -

Pallid synonyms, pallid antonyms -

Pallor synonyms, pallor antonyms -

Palpable synonyms, palpable antonyms -

Paltry synonyms, paltry antonyms -

Panache synonyms, panache antonyms -

Panegyric synonyms, panegyric antonyms -

Paradigm synonyms, paradigm antonyms -

Paragon synonyms, paragon antonyms -

Parody synonyms, parody antonyms -

Paroxysm synonyms, paroxysm antonyms -

Parry synonyms, parry antonyms -

Parsimonious synonyms, parsimonious antonyms -

Partake in synonyms, partake in antonyms -

Parvenue synonyms, parvenue antonyms -

Passable synonyms, passable antonyms -

Passe synonyms, passe antonyms -

Pastoral synonyms, pastoral antonyms -

Pathological synonyms, pathological antonyms -

Peacenik synonyms, peacenik antonyms -

Peccadillo synonyms, peccadillo antonyms -

Pecuniary synonyms, pecuniary antonyms -

Pedantic synonyms, pedantic antonyms -

Pejorative synonyms, pejorative antonyms -

Pell-mell synonyms, pell-mell antonyms -

Pelmet synonyms, pelmet antonyms -

Penance synonyms, penance antonyms -

Penetrating synonyms, penetrating antonyms -

Penitential synonyms, penitential antonyms -

Pensive synonyms, pensive antonyms -

Perceptible synonyms, perceptible antonyms -

Perceptive synonyms, perceptive antonyms -

Perchance synonyms, perchance antonyms -

Percolate synonyms, percolate antonyms -

Peregrination synonyms, peregrination antonyms -

Peremptory synonyms, peremptory antonyms -

Perfidy synonyms, perfidy antonyms -

Perfunctory synonyms, perfunctory antonyms -

Peripatetic synonyms, peripatetic antonyms -

Perjury synonyms, perjury antonyms -

Permeate synonyms, permeate antonyms -

Pernicious synonyms, pernicious antonyms -

Personable synonyms, personable antonyms -

Personage synonyms, personage antonyms -

Perspicacious synonyms, perspicacious antonyms -

Perspicuous synonyms, perspicuous antonyms -

Pertness synonyms, pertness antonyms -

Pervade synonyms, pervade antonyms -

Perversion synonyms, perversion antonyms -

Petite synonyms, petite antonyms -

Petrified synonyms, petrified antonyms -

Pettifog synonyms, pettifog antonyms -

Petulance synonyms, petulance antonyms -

Phalanx synonyms, phalanx antonyms -

Pharisaic synonyms, pharisaic antonyms -

Phenomenal synonyms, phenomenal antonyms -

Philosophise synonyms, philosophise antonyms -

Phlegmatic synonyms, phlegmatic antonyms -

Phoney synonyms, phoney antonyms -

Phrenetic synonyms, phrenetic antonyms -

Pidgin synonyms, pidgin antonyms -

Pilferage synonyms, pilferage antonyms -

Pillage synonyms, pillage antonyms -

Piquant synonyms, piquant antonyms -

Pirouette synonyms, pirouette antonyms -

Pithy synonyms, pithy antonyms -

Plagiarise synonyms, plagiarise antonyms -

Plaintive synonyms, plaintive antonyms -

Platitudinal synonyms, platitudinal antonyms -

Platonic synonyms, platonic antonyms -

Plaudits synonyms, plaudits antonyms -

Pleasantry synonyms, pleasantry antonyms -

Plentitude synonyms, plentitude antonyms -

Plethora synonyms, plethora antonyms -

Pliant synonyms, pliant antonyms -

Plonk down synonyms, plonk down antonyms -

Plum synonyms, plum antonyms -

Plumed synonyms, plumed antonyms -

Plummet synonyms, plummet antonyms -

Plunk synonyms, plunk antonyms -

Poignant synonyms, poignant antonyms -

Poised synonyms, poised antonyms -

Polemics synonyms, polemics antonyms -

Polyglot synonyms, polyglot antonyms -

Polymath synonyms, polymath antonyms -

Polynya synonyms, polynya antonyms -

Ponderable synonyms, ponderable antonyms -

Ponderous synonyms, ponderous antonyms -

Porcine synonyms, porcine antonyms -

Portly synonyms, portly antonyms -

Postdiluvian synonyms, postdiluvian antonyms -

Posterity synonyms, posterity antonyms -

Posturing synonyms, posturing antonyms -

Potentate synonyms, potentate antonyms -

Potshot synonyms, potshot antonyms -

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