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6. Collocations with Verb – R (Par2)

Relax + Nouns as Object: Constraint, Control, Law, Regulation, Requirement, Restriction, Rule | Approach, Attitude, Policy, Stance Adverbs used with Relax: Just, Simply | Completely, Totally | A Bit, A Little, Slightly | Visibly Render + Object + (Or Rendered + Adjective): Ineffective, Obsolete, Redundant, Unusable, Useless | Invalid, Irrelevant, Meaningless, Worthless | Difficult, Impossible | Speechless

Renew + Nouns as Object: Acquaintance, Friendship | Enthusiasm, Interest | Attack | Appeal, Call | Effort | Commitment, Promise

Repay + Nouns as Object: Amount, Balance, Capital, Cost, Debt, Fee, Grant, Interest, Investment, Loan, Money, Mortgage | Compliment, Faith, Favour, Hospitality, Kindness, Loyalty

Represent + Nouns as Object: Change, Departure, Development, Shift, Step, Turning Point | Improvement, Progress | Achievement, Breakthrough, Landmark, Milestone, Victory | Challenge, Opportunity | Danger, Risk, Threat

Repress + Nouns as Object: Anger, Desire, Emotion, Feeling, Memory, Thought, Urge | Dissent, Opposition, Rebellion, Revolt | People, Population

Adverbs used with Repress: Brutally, Ruthlessly, Savagely, Violently

Resemble + Nouns as Object: Closely, Exactly, Greatly, Strongly | Remotely, Slightly, Somewhat, Vaguely | Physically, Superficially| Increasingly

Resist + Nouns as Object: Impulse, Lure, Pull, Temptation, Tendency, Urge | Aggression, Arrest, Attempt, Eviction, Imposition, Invasion, Occupation, Onslaught, Oppression, Pressure

Adverbs used with Resist: Firmly, Resolutely, Steadfastly, Stoutly | Actively, Bravely, Fiercely, Resolutely, Strenuously, Strongly, Stubbornly, Vigorously

Adverbs used with Resolve: Amicably, Easily, Fully, Peacefully, Satisfactorily, Successfully | Immediately, Promptly, Quickly, Speedily

Resolve + Nouns used as Object: Conflict, Differences, Disagreement, Dispute | Concern, Crisis, Impasse, Issue, Matter, Problem, Question, Situation, Tension | Ambiguity, Contradiction, Controversy, Dilemma, Inconsistency, Paradox, Uncertainty

Resort to + Nouns: Bribery, Cheating, Crime, Subterfuge, Trick, Trickery | Expedient, Means, Measure, Remedy, Strategy, Tactic | Force, Intimidation, Terrorism, Violence

Adverbs used with Respond: Constructively, Creatively, Effectively, Enthusiastically, Favourably, Flexibly, Generously, Magnificently, Positively, Sensitively, Sympathetically, Well | Instantly, Promptly, Swiftly

Respond to + Nouns: Challenge, Complaint, Concern, Criticism, Demand, Enquiry, Invitation, Pressure, Query, Question, Request |Crisis, Disaster, Emergency, Incident, Threat | Change, Opportunity

Restore + Nouns as Object: Confidence, Dignity, Faith, Pride, Sanity | Credibility, Democracy, Discipline, Equilibrium, Harmony, Normality, Peace, Profitability, Stability

Adverbs used with Restore: Imaginatively, Immaculately, Meticulously, Painstakingly, Superbly, Splendidly, Sensitively, Tastefully | Partly, Partially

Resume + Nouns as Object: Conversation, Deliberations, Dialogue, Negotiations, Talks | Attack, Battle, Fighting, Hostilities, Offensive, Operations | Career, Duties, Journey, Search, Study, Work

Retain + Nouns as Object: Character, Charm, Flexibility, Identity, Independence | Copyright, Freedom, Option, Ownership, Possession, Right, Status, Title | Control, Power, Responsibility

Reverse + Nouns as Object: Decline, Situation, Trend | Decision, Ruling | Fortunes | Damage

Revive + Nouns as Object: Hope, Interest, Memory, Spirits | Economy | Hope, Interest, Memory | Custom, Tradition

Rise to + Nouns: Dominance, Eminence, Fame, Greatness, Heights, Prominence, Stardom

Ruin + Nouns as Object: Chance | Life |Career, Livelihood | Credibility, Reputation |Appetite, Enjoyment, Surprise | Everything

Adverbs used with Ruin and Ruined (as Adjective): Completely, Hopelessly, Totally | Forever, Irreparably, Irretrievably, Permanently | Partially, Partly | Almost, Nearly, Practically | Effectively, Eventually, Ultimately | Sadly | Economically, Financially

Adverbs used with Rule: (Un)Justly, Wisely | Jointly | Effectively, Nominally | Categorically, Conclusively, Definitively, Explicitly, Specifically | Rightly, Wrongly | Controversially | Unanimously

Run + Nouns as Object: Business, Clinic, Club, Company, School, Shop | Class, Course, Seminar, Session, Workshop | Campaign, Programme, Project, Scheme, Service

Adverbs used with Run: Efficiently, Properly, Smoothly, Successfully, Well | Independently, Privately, Professionally | Jointly

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