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Limiting Adjectives (Determiners) Part 1

Limiting adjectives (often classified as determiners), limit the meaning of nouns or pronouns they modify by restricting them rather than describing. They tell “which one,” “how much,” “how many,” or “whose.” Determiners and quantifiers are words we use in front of nouns. We use determiners to identify things and we use quantifiers to say how much or how many. Types of Determiners are: 1) Specific Determiners {definite articles – 10 types of use, possessives, demonstratives}, 2) General Determiners, 3) Ordinal/ Sequence Determiners, 4) Numeral/ Partitive, 5) Quantifiers for Count Nouns, 6) Quantifiers for Non-Count Nouns 7) Quantifiers for both Count and Non-Count Nouns Specific determiners Specific determiners are used in following cases: Definite article: THE We use the definite article in front of a noun in following cases. 1) When we want to be specific ,sometimes with a reference Buy the cake from Monginis and the ice-cream from Dinshaws.

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