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5. Use of Abstract Action Nouns

1) Adding new information about the action verb in the previous sentence Penicillin was discovered by Fleming. The discovery of penicillin has saved many lines It is important to observe changes since readings based on observation of changes are crucial for deciding next steps. 2) Substituting Gerund with Action Noun to shift focus from the subject of the sentence

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A noun is a word that names a Person (man/carpenter/ Mr.Satish), Place (river/ Delhi/ home), Thing (plant/ car/ bird), Activity/Process (swimming/ song/ sports), idea/concept (theory / plan / justice)

Nouns which can be added by counting are Countable Nouns. Apart from being common and concrete nouns these nouns are also required to be discrete. Examples are: two chairs/ spoons/ shirts/ cups/ stati

Abstract Nouns which are strictly uncountable, are sometimes modified with typical modifier-quantifier to make the Abstract Noun Phrase singular or plural.

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