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3. Change in meaning with Preposition Part 2

4 minute read At the end (at the physical end; at the end point) In the end (finally) Equivalent (adjective) to: same as, equal to: If you take all perks, incentives and bonus into account, cost to the company is equivalent to Rupees 200,000 per month. the Equivalent (noun) of: same amount of : My starting salary was Rupees 18000 which is the equivalent of Rupees 80000 today; The Reserve bank of India is the Indian equivalent of Bank of England. Both ‘Except’ and ‘Except for’ are prepositions which mean ‘excluding’ or ‘other than’. Only ‘except’ can also be used as conjunction as ‘except that’ or ‘except when’ or ‘except to’

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2. Change in meaning with Preposition Part 1

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