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12. Body language Feelings and Behaviour of Emotions - 2

Embarrassment, shame Downturned head Downward gaze Red ears Chin held close to body Minimal eye contact Tense muscles around closed mouth Blushing or flushing Trembling chin Frowning Fluttering eyes Biting one’s lip Glancing away Sweating Grimacing Coughing Wincing Gritting one’s teeth Swallowing hard Hiding one’s eyes or face behind hands, hair, hat, etc. Envy, jealousy Downturned mouth Jutting chin Bared teeth Flared nostrils Pouting Squinting Frequent swallowing Chewing on one’s bottom lip Flushing Glowering Pressing one’s lips together in firm line Gritting teeth Sneering Scrutinizing object of envy or jealousy

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