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1. Introduction to Preposition

Prepositions like Conjunctions are connectives. Prepositions connect noun, verb, and adjective to the following noun/noun phrase/gerund. Conjunctions on the other hand connect clauses. Common Prepositions Time: in (a month/year), on (day), at (time), before, during, after, since, until Location/Pisition/Place: behind, under, over, above, below, between, in, out, on, at, by Direction/Movement: to, into, onto, towards, through, across, up, down, around, past Possession: water of the Ganges, a man of honesty; the girl with blond hair, that part is owned by my brother Agency/Instrument/Means: runs on diesel; on foot; by force; travelled by train; gifted by my friend; opened with a knife Cause/Purpose/Reason: died of hunger; took antibiotic for infection; diet for weight reduction; due to, because of, owing to Source: message from head office; wrested control from his uncle Manner: death by hanging; resisted with courage; won with ease; walks like a penguin 1. Multi-word prepositions starting with preposition

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In ‘agree with’ and ‘agree to’, the use of prepositions ‘with’ and ‘to’ are dictated by both the general meaning of the verb ‘agree’ and the type of connection it makes with the noun/ pronoun/ gerund

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