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  • All Posts

    All posts including future posts
    • Includes all posts on Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Style
  • All about Vocabulary

    Collocations, Confusingly Similar words, Writing Skills
    • Includes all 16 modules on Vocabulary and Writing Skills
    • Idioms, Word Families
    • Words to express feelings, sufficiency, necessity, ability,
    • Phrasal andPrepositional Verbs
    • Prepositional errors
    • Similarly Confusing Words
    • Absolute and Gradable Adjectives
    • Common Verb Phrases
    • Collocations of and with Noun, Adjective, Verb
  • Collocation with Adjectives

    Adjective Collocations are powerful tools for smart writing with style and effect
    • Collocations of Adjectives (A to Z) with Nouns & other Adj
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